Better Than Your Wife?

He got undressed from the waist down.  He squeezed some lube in to my hand then laid on his back with his legs in the air.  His right leg he braced against the wall, I held his left.  I smeared the lube on his hole and drove my middle finger up his ass.  His toes curled and his eyes rolled as I massaged his prostate.  I stared into his eyes the entire time with a facial expression of stone.  This man is meat to me.  I knew once I felt his swelling G-spot and his heart beating in his ass it wouldn’t be long.  He moaned and his breathing became fast.  His hole became extra tight, clinched around my finger as he finished.  I pulled my finger out and slapped his ass.  He stood up and I asked one simple question… Well; was I better than your wife?