A Stranger Who Will Keep His Secret...

This place is a dump; most of them are. Their existence serves one purpose… To facilitate men getting off and that task typically requires few bells and whistles.  If you’re here on a Wednesday afternoon, it means your unemployed, retired or your landscaping / trades truck is hidden in the alley.  If you’re the guy with the truck, I’m here for you.

He’s probably married or has a girlfriend.  He’s not gay.  He loves this woman, but embraces the fact that his sexuality has a fluidity that she’ll never understand.  There are times when experiencing pleasure from another man is essential for him.  That’s where I come in.

His pleasure is my pleasure.  We won’t fuck.  Oral will be his mission.  His goal is to get in, get off, get out and back to work before anyone realizes he’s missing.  There will be no… “Oh, I just got here” or “I’m gunna take a break, I don’t wanna cum yet” statements from this man.  Cumming and going is his focus.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get three of these guys in an afternoon.  For me it will be time well spent.  For him…  A quick opportunity to get something he can never get at home and a chance meeting with a stranger who will keep his secret. 

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