Much To Be Had...

Under the overcast green light, he laid there naked with his feet in the stirrups.  I played with is chest and worked his nipples while another anonymous dude rimmed his hole and worked his cock and balls.  Neither of us stayed long.  There were plenty of men and much to be had.




Because He Appreciates It...

And when he finished, I stood up to whisper in his ear... Every time we meet, I will do that for you. I appreciate a man who appreciates my efforts. He commended my efforts, complimented me on my gifts and talents and said thank you for being a man I give that to.

With my lips and tongue, I gave his earlobe the gentlest of caresses, kissed his neck and bid him good night.

Because Wednesday...

On his knees and elbows, he was positioned on the table for them. He was the host; all the others were guests. Like any good host, he was there for their pleasure. Some men came and went, just taking small tastes. Some men gorged themselves on the host’s offerings; feeding as if they hadn’t eaten in weeks. The more men fed, the more their host loved giving. It was a feast and pleasure was the main course.

In great fashion, the host just kept offering to his guests. He always brought more, never cutting anyone off. By the conclusion of the event, all guest were satiated and everyone left intoxicated. #BecauseWednesday